The Truth about

Earth's Final Harvest

The 144,000 - Who Are They?

Learn about this most important subject of The 144,000 – Who are they? Can you be a part of this group of people? Learn what will happen to those who are not a part of this special group.

The Golden Bowl - Zechariah 4

Is it possible for Every Seventh-day Adventist  to be in doctrinal harmony, each believing and teaching the same thing? Yes! This study shows how and why it is important.

The Mighty Stone - Dan. 2

Though we are very familiar with the ancient prophecy of Daniel 2, what is revealed in this study will challenge your objectivity as we revisit this important prophecy.

Bible Study

Our Bible studies will help  to deepen your relationship with Jesus.

Elijah And The SDA Church

The Bible declares in Malachi 4:5 that the Lord will “send Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.

Has the prophet already come? Is the ancient prophet to appear in person himself? Is a group of people to do a work similar to that of the ancient Elijah? Was E.G. White the Elijah spoken of in Malachi? This booklet goes deep into the subject and reveals the answers to all these questions and more. Request your free copy and find the answers yourself.

Hearing Is Believing

Hearing by the word of God

  • The Woman and the Dragon
  • Who are the 144,000?
  • The Great Paradox of the Ages
  • The Great Multitude of Revelation 7
  • Ezekiel 9 – Is it Literal?